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Puncture tester for board

  •   Novilog
  •   Made in Europe

Device to measure the required energy to puncture corrugated board & cardboard.

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  • PT-48
  • ISO 3036
  • TAPPI T803
  • DIN 53 142
  • FEFCO N°5
  • SCAN P23
  • ASTM D781
  • Product description

    Device to measure the required energy to puncture corrugated board and cardboard.


    Test description:

    The test consists of puncturing a board sample with a triangular pyramid-shaped puncture head, which is fixed to a pendulum. The required energy for the puncture
    head to cross the sample completely is measured. This means, to do the initial puncture, tear and open the board.


    4 work ranges (Joules) :

    • 0 – 6 J with resolution of 0,025 J.
    • 0 – 12 J with resolution of 0,050 J.
    • 0 – 24 J with resolution of 0,100 J.
    • 0 – 48 J with resolution of 0,200 J.

    Technical specifications

    General data
    • Pendulum with arm in circular arc shape (90º).
    • Digital display.
    • Puncture head in triangular pyramid shape (under specifications of international standards).
    • Collar with soft adjustment to the puncture head basis.
    • Exchangeable load weights : A, B, C and D to select the work range.
    • Pendulum releasing mechanism with security system.
    • Security protection covers.
    • Sample fixing clamps with regulable holding pressure.
    • Control panel with 4 buttons and an alphanumerical display of liquid crystal glass.
    • RS-232 connection to Novilog.
    • CE mark.
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    Electric : 220/110V, 50/60Hz
    Weight and dimensions Packaging
    350 kg
    1380 x 810 x 1400 mm (WxLxH)
    Product weight and dimensions
    250 kg
    1050 x 500 x 1220 mm (WxLxH)
    Scope of delivery
    • Puncture Tester for board
    • Electric cable
    • Operating book
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