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  •   Noviprofibre
  •   Novilog
  •   Made in France

Device for the determination of ISO brightness, color, color differences, fluorescence and opacity of paper.

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  • N5900
  • N5950B
  • ISO 2469
  • ISO 2470
  • ISO 3688
  • ISO 11475
  • ISO 11476
  • TAPPI T 519
  • TAPPI T 525
  • TAPPI T 527
  • Product description

    The N5900, a state-of-the-art, ISO-compliant measuring instrument for the pulp and paper industry, deploys unmatched accuracy and stability in measuring CIE whiteness and ISO brightness.


    Konica Minolta chose Noviprofibre to develop the software to drive the CM-3630A. The latest version of PaperManager is born. This software, which is the result of 10 years of feedback from its users, is now in its new version.
    This software, entirely designed for the pulp and paper industry, can be used in production as well as in R&D. In addition to a completely new interface, PaperManager has many new features.


    How does it work ?

    Technical specifications

    General data
    • Double beam with D/O° geometry
    • Measuring with three light sources (D65, C and UVex.) without re-calibration.
    • Equipped with NOVICOLOR software. Really useful software. QC application for paper and packaging industries. Possibility to save data and to create standard library and sample library
    • Measurements: Color, Color difference, Absolute and Delta values, ?E for CIE XYZ,
    • xyz, L*, a*, b*, C*,h*, u* v*, CIE, Opacity, Fluorescence, etc…
    • Illumination/viewing system: Reflectance: 0° (diffuse illumination, 0° viewing)
    • Light-Receiving element: Silicone photodiode array (dual 40 elements)
    • Spectral separation device: Diffraction grating
    • Wavelength range: 360 740 nm
    • Wavelength pitch: 10 nm
    • Reflectance range: 0 200%, resolution: 0.01%
    • Light source: 3 x pulsed xenon lamps
    • Measurement time: 1.5 seconds for measurements of fluorescent colors, 9600 bps
    • Measurement area: Ø 30 mm
    • Illumination area: Ø 34 mm
    • Software: NoviColor
    • CE mark.
    • Ability to save measurements and create data libraries
    Log in
    110 – 230 V 50/60 Hz AC
    Weight and dimensions Packaging
    35 kg
    Product weight and dimensions
    20 kg
    Scope of delivery
    • Spectrophotometer
    • 1 set of calibration standards
    • 1 ceramic plate
    • 1 black pot
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