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Pulp de-watering centrifuge

  •   Made in Europe

For the determination of the water retention ability of pulp samples. WRV test.

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  • P.600.COOL
  • Product description

    Refrigerated powerful cooling unit :
    • Automatic recognition of rotors
    • Free rotor speed up to 4500 r / min or 3859 xg
    • Intuitive graphic display 2 buttons. Memory 10 programs
    • Programming in t / min or acceleration xg, simultaneous display of two values
    • Adjustable Acceleration: maximum or progressive.
    • Braking 3 positions: maximum, progressive or simple inertia of the rotor.
    • Automatic lid opening and audible signal activated at the end of cycle.
    • Motor brushless, maintenance free, extremely quiet
    • Equipped: a free 4-position rotor, 4 round nacelles, 4 racks and 4 test cells WRV 3 sampling areas

    Technical specifications

    General data
    • Refrigerated centrifuge equipped with a rotor with 4 buckets.
    • Each pod carries a WRV cell with three sampling zones.
    • refrigerated centrifuge
    • Speed ​​range between 100 and 14,500 rpm
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    Electricity : 230 V / 60 Hz
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