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Dynamic handsheet former

  •   Made in Europe

Device for creating automatic handsheets.

Product description

Device for creating automatic handsheets.


The main advantages include:


  • The handsheet shape is rectangular.
  • Sheet lookthrough is excellent.
  • The fiber orientation is dependent on jet to wire speed ratio (both are adjustable); therefore, it is possible to obtain orientated handsheets.
  • The retention of fillers, chemicals or dyes is excellent.
  • The distribution of elements in the sheet thickness is similar to a PM produced sheets.
  • A large range of fiber types can be used; short or long fibers, synthetic fibers (non hydrophobia), recycled fibers, nonwood fibers, etc.
  • A large range of basis weight sheets can be made from fine papers to board.
  • It is easy to make bijet or multi jet sheets with excellent adhesion between the various grades.
  • Rectangular handsheets can be pressed, dried, calendared, coated or sized, and tested as normal paper.
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