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Automatic digital Elmendorf tear tester

  •   Novilog
  •   Made in Europe

Device to measure the tearing resistance of paper and board.

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  • 130108
  • ISO 2493
  • DIN 53121
  • NFQ 03-048
  • SCAN P29
  • TAPPI T556
  • BS 3748
  • Product description

    The  Elmendorf  tear  tester  has  been  developed  specially  for  the paper industry ans is outstanding for simplicity of operation and  high  measurement  accuracy.   The exchangeable pendulum is equipped with a pneumatic sample clamp. The initiation and return of the pendulum, as well as sample cutting is completely automatic. The device is operated via an integrated touch screen, where the test method can be selected, specific settings can be adjusted,  and,  after  the  measurement,  results  and  statistics   can be displayed. Each pendulum is supplied  with the appropriate control weight so that, with the help of the service program,  it can easily be checked for functionality and balance.


    Test description:
    Up to 16 samples  (acc. to standard 4 samples), prepared with the sample punch (ref : N3001), are laid one on top of another and placed in the sample holder. On the touch screen, the number of samples inserted is selected, these are allocated to a test series (MD/CD) and the start button is pressed. The samples are automatically clamped and cut with a blade. Then the pendulum is automatically initiated and tears the sample above the cut. The pendulum is slowed, returned automatically to the start positionand teh destroyed samples are released.  The force required to tear the sample is displayed on the touch.




    Technical specifications

    General data
    • Touch screen.
    • Two models: manual and pneumatic clamping.
    • Test length preselection from 1 to 50 mm.
    • Fully-automatic test sequence and pendulum return.
    • Prefixable bending angles (0.1 to 90ºC).
    • 3 measurement points and dwell time individually adjustable.
    • Adjustable angle speed from 0,1 to 10ºC/s.
    • Calculations: board and paper stiffness, fatigue, score force and its recuperation.
    • Sample width up to 50mm (standard width 38mm).
    • Wind shield made of acrylic glass.
    • Statistic functions and RS-232 output.
    • Standard instrument with 8000mN pendulum (other pendulums available: 16.000 & 32.000mN).
    • Calibration kit included.
    • CE mark.
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    Electricity: 110 – 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz
    Scope of delivery
    • Tear tester apparatus
    • 1 check weight
    • 1 pendulum-holder
    • 1 pendulum 8000 mN
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