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Computerized friction coefficient equipment

  •   Made in Europe

Equipment for determining the coefficient of static and dynamic computerized friction.

  • 140104
  • TAPPI T503
  • T816
  • T549
  • Product description

    The system is formed by the equipment to perform the test, plus a software for control and treatment of the results where we can obtain the test graphs and statistics.

    Technical specifications

    General data
    • Integrated equipment of friction coefficient.
    • Coefficient of static and dynamic friction.
    • Control speed: 0-1000 mm/min.
    • Reading: 0-1000.0 g +/- 0.25% Fro.
    • Fully automatic 5.7-inch touch screen.
    • Robust equipment to work in the laboratory or production.
    • Vacuum system to adjust well the samples to be tested.
    • PC control software (optional).
    • Ambient working temperature up to 100ºC +/- 5ºC (optional).
    • CE Marking.
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