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Air permeability tester

  •   Noviprofibre
  •   Made in France

For measurement of the air permeability of one sheet of paper according to the Schopper method

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  • N1901
  • ISO 5636/2
  • NFQ 03075
  • Product description

    The test piece is clamped between two airtight circular gaskets of known dimensions. The absolute air pressure at the side of the test area is equivalent to atmospheric pressure. The difference in pressure between the two sides of the test piece is maintained at a small but substantially constant value during the test. The flow of the air through the test area in specified time can be calculated.

    Technical specifications

    General data
    • - Double-pass filling bucket for evacuation of air
    • Bronze paper press for tightening the sample
    • Test surface: 10 cm² for normal papers
    • Maximum vacuum: 500 mm height of water
    • Mobile part part for counterweight
    • Water pressure gauge with movable graduated scale for exact adjustment to zero
    • 2 measuring cylinders measuring 250 cm3
    Weight and dimensions Packaging
    40 Kg
    600 x 400 x 1500 mm (WxLxH)
    Product weight and dimensions
    38 Kg
    450 x 250 x 1250 mm (WxLxH)
    Scope of delivery
    • 1 Air permeability tester
    • 2 measuring cylinders measuring 250 cm3
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