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Sample punch for stiffness and tear tester

  •   Made in France

To cut sample templates for stiffness and tear tester

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  • N3001
  • N3001S
  • Product description

    The hand punch allows fast preparation of samples for Elmendorf or bending tests. It consists of a triangular upper and lower blade. The punch is operated via a hand lever.
    Choose dimensions when you order :
    – l x L : 38 x 75 mm
    – l x L : 38 x 70 mm
    – l x L : 50 x 62 mm
    – l x L : 50 x 65 mm
    Other size on request

    The material to be punched is placed against the rest on the lower blade. When the hand lever is pushed down, the sample is evenly cut and falls through the die below the punch, where it can then be removed from the side.

    Technical specifications

    General data
    • You must specify the dimensions at the order
    • Max length : 76 mm
    • Max width : 63 mm
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