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Punch and dye cutter

Device for punching strips 300 x 15 mm for the tensile tests.

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  • SP30015
  • SP30050
  • PT_A6x05
  • Product description

    The robust strip punch functions according to the “punch & die” principle and consists of an upper and lower blade, which punch the sample.


    A long hand lever with force transfer, makes punching easier. On the left of the device is a feeding table with integrated guide, which guarantees ease of material placement. A clamping mechanism holds the sample firmly during punching. Samples are removed from a metal sheet located below the punch.


    The punch can be used for materials from 50 up to 800 gsm.

    Technical specifications

    General data
    • Punching strips 300 x 15 mm
    • Punching strips 300 x 50 mm
    • Punching strips 6" x 0.5"
    Weight and dimensions Packaging
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