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Manual circular cutter 100 cm²

  •   Made in France

To cut round samples of 100 cm ² for basis weight.

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  • N53100
  • TAPPI T410
  • SCAN P6:75
  • CPPA D3
  • Product description

    The basis weight cutter has been designed to cut 100 cm² circular paper samples to assess basis weight.

    Basis weight in paper products is to calculated from the ration of mass to area.
    This is an important factor to know as most paper is bought and sold in accordance with its mass per unit area.

    Technical specifications

    General data
    • Easy to operate
    • Bench mounting
    • Cutting size 100 cm²
    Weight and dimensions Packaging
    40 Kg
    Product weight and dimensions
    25 Kg
    240 x 290 x 435 mm
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