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Flat Crush Test Cutter (FCT 100 cm²)

  •   Noviprofibre
  •   Made in France

Board cutter for 100 cm² circular sample for FCT test and grammage.

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  • N3650 - 50 cm²
  • N36100 - 100 cm²
  • ISO 3035
  • Product description

    The FCT circular cutter is placed on the corrugated board sample, which is help by pins while cutting. By turning the crank several rounds the blade cuts through the material slowly. The result is a sample with very precise and smoothly cut edges.

    Technical specifications

    Weight and dimensions Packaging
    2 Kg
    200 x 200 x 380 mm
    Product weight and dimensions
    1 Kg
    150 x 150 x 150 mm
    Scope of delivery
    • FCT cutter
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