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CSF manual

  •   Made in Europe

For determination of the freeness and the drain ability speed of wood fibre, ground wood and mechanical pulp.

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  • 070231
  • 070236
  • ISO 5267-1
  • TAPPI T227
  • Product description

    The device consists of a robust stainless steel frame where the brackets for the chamber and the spreader cone are mounted. The chamber drains into the spreader cone through a PAPRICAN calibrated screen plate at its lower end. The chamber can be closed by a bottom lid and a top lid. The top lid holds the air valve, which starts the draining process by opening it. The spreader cone holds the bottom orifice and the side orifice. These orifices allow to measure the Canadian Standard Freeness of pulp.


    Manual model:
    Testing sequence can be started by opening the air valve manually
    Results can be visually read out on the measuring cylinders
    Digital model:
    Start button to start the process
    Touch screen display to read out the measuring data (accuracy ≤ 1° CSF)
    Ability to save the data of 4 different testing processes

    Technical specifications

    General data
    • Manual start by opening a valve
    • Lightweight materials for better handling while cleaning
    • Stainless steel construction of the frame
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    Electricity : 230 V / 50 Hz AC (digital model only)
    Product weight and dimensions
    25 Kg
    360 x 330 x 860 mm ( WxLxH )
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