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Box Compression Tester (BCT)

  •   Novilog
  •   Made in Europe

Device to carry out compression tests on packing corrugated boxes and other type of packagings.

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  • 0501xx
  • DIN EN 22872
  • ISO 12048
  • TAPPI T804
  • UNE 57163/5
  • FEFCO Nº50
  • AFNORH13-001
  • Product description

    Test description:

    The corrugated box or packaging to be tested must be placed centered in the lower plate of the compression tester. When the test begins, the upper plate will displace downward and a load will begin to be applied to the sample. This force is detected thanks to the three load cells located under the lower plate. When the system detects the sample breaking, the upper plate returns to the initial position at the maximum speed.

    Technical specifications

    General data
    • Force range depending on the model, between 0 and 150 KN (0 - 15.000 Kg).
    • Equipped with 3 force cells placed under the lower fixed plate.
    • Oscillating upper plate (FEFCO 50 or UNE 49.701 or ISO 2872) or fixed and parallel to the lower plate (TAPPI T 804).
    • The guide of the movable plate consists of 4 columns.
    • Cylindrical guides and linear bearings with very low friction.
    • Safety limits: 2 fixed and 2 removable.
    • Anti-vibration rubber pads.
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    Electric : 220/110V, 50/60Hz
    Weight and dimensions Packaging
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    Product weight and dimensions
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    Scope of delivery
    • Box Compression Tester
    • Electrical connection cable
    • Operating manual
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