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How to measure the water absorption of single-use papers?

By Léa Chauvelon | 17/01/2024

How do you measure the absorption of single-use paper?


Single-use paper (tissue) is omnipresent in our daily lives, whether in the form of tissues, toilet paper, towels, etc. One of the essential characteristics of these products is their absorption capacity, which plays a crucial role in their performance and quality.


What is the most effective way of measuring paper’s absorbency?


We have developed a device that is unique on the market: the Tissue Absorption Apparatus (TAA).


The principle of the TAA is to provide an automatic measurement of the absorption time and absorption capacity of single-use papers. This apparatus is designed in full compliance with the ISO 12625-8 standard relating to the basket immersion test method.



Why is the TAA unique?


The TAA is the only device on the market today that meets the following two criteria, which are essential for compliance with the standard:

  • The stainless steel wire basket must be dropped horizontally from a height of (25 ± 5) mm above the surface of the water.
  • As it falls, the basket must be free so that its weight of (3 ± 0.1) g, which is very strictly controlled to ensure compliance with the standard, is not altered by contact.
How should the samples be prepared?


Before starting the tests, it is essential to prepare the samples carefully. Make sure that the samples are uniformly cut.

The weight of the sample should be equal to 5g ± 0.2 g.


What are the characteristics of the TAA?


The water absorption time and water absorption capacity meter automatically allows you to :

  • Measure the dry weight of the paper
  • Measure the water absorption time of the paper
  • Set wetting and draining times
  • Measure the wet weight of the paper
  • Draw the curve for the entire measurement
  • Calculate water absorption capacity


Find the TAA product sheet here and request a quote if required.