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Why you should standardized a device ?

By Léa Chauvelon | 19/03/2019

What is the standardization ?


The standardization is the process of standards application to a product, a process, a service, know-how. The standard allows to identify and gather rules of voluntary application in a precise field of activity. Standards are most of the time internationals, and are essentials machinery of the international trade. They gather specifications and conditions for products, services, process, in order to provide the best quality, security or effectiveness.



The pros of standardization


Standardization provides many benefits. First of all, most of the standards are now known and applicable on a worldwide scale (the most famous being the ISO standard). Thus, it allows the international industry to understand each other in referential terms of security, quality, environmental, effectiveness, and many others. Everyone has access to the same frame of standards references, which facilitate the comprehension and communication.

Standardize allows every actor on the international market to speak the same language and apply measures which are recognized by everyone, in perfectly defined conditions. A standardized device will allow its users to compare their results on a worldwide scale. It defines an objective method of comparison. Standardization also enhances innovation because it provides structured methods and reliable data which allow to optimize the innovation process and diffuse avant-garde ideas and technical skills.

That is why, at Noviprofibre, in order to guarantee a reliable and transparent quality and security, our devices are standardized and our systems of measure are calibrated regarding standardized conditions which evaluate once a year.