Why a new logo to Noviprofibre - Noviprofibre

Why a new logo to Noviprofibre

By Léa Chauvelon | 17/09/2020

The Noviprofibre new logo is composed of 2 ticks, representing a “check”. Association each time of 2 bricks that complement each other and always go together :

  • Sales and service
  • Production and sale
  • Noviprofibre and its customers
  • Noviprofibre et its suppliers

This synergy has a common goal for all, satisfaction and listening


Sale and service – Know-how at Noviprofibre

Our priority at Noviprofibre for over 50 years has been to serve our customers as well as possible. Our family company has always favored close relationships and individual relationships. For us, the sale and the service cannot be dissociated if we want to guarantee you a quality response. Both are therefore interconnected

Production and sale – French know-how above all

Noviprofibre has invested for you in Research and production. We are concerned to bring you quality products. Thus, controling our production is a guarantee of quality for the sale of our devices. We only hire subcontractors based within a 25 km radius of our company. We promote French know-how with a short circuit. This guarantees you reactivity at all times.

So for us production and sales are intimately linked

Noviprofibre and its customers – A long-terme partnership

This check is there to tell you that we always want to work with you, hand in hand, you accompany in successes as in difficulties. At Noviprofibre, the client is above all a member of our team. He is part of our family. We are aware of your requirement which is, for us, a guarantee of progress every day. You are for us a partner above all

Noviprofibre and its suppliers – Close and lasting ties

At Noviprofibre, we listen to the requirements of our suppliers in order to know their latest wishes. Our technicians are regularly trained at the latter.

We want a strong and lasting bond as pictured by our check. We are responsible for their image and their reputation, which will ultimately be the reputation of our customers