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Recycled paper

By Léa Chauvelon | 11/02/2019

Recycled paper is undeniably a subject of conversation and debate. Indeed, do we have to consume exclusively recycled paper ? Which paper should we use ? Of course, most of the articles stand for highlighting the benefits of recycled paper, because of the environment protection.


It is true that recycled paper still remains less harmful on the environment and benefits to the fair trade. It is a worldwide reality. However, it is to know that in France, consuming non recycled paper is not as negative as we think it is. Of course, when we can use recycled paper instead of non recycled paper, we should encourage it. Nonetheless, in many activity fields linked to the paper industry, recycled paper is not always an option. Not high qualtity  paper or composition, there are many reasons to use non recycled paper instead.



In cases where the use of recycled paper isn’t possible, you should be aware that consume non recycled French paper can be sometimes less polluting that buying recycled paper at the other side of the world, the environmental impact would not be better. Moreover, in France, and in more and more countries, preservation programs and fair trade labels are established within the timber and paper industry. Indeed, there are laws, such as in France, regarding the planting of trees. More trees must be planted than cut per year, in order to preserve durably the ecosystem balance.


In addition, it is important to be aware that, despite all the efforts that must be made on reducing the impact of the paper industry, the use of paper and cardboard remains the best option comparing to the use of plastic materials.