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Paper Roll Hardness

  •   Made in Europe

Device to measure the hardness of the rolls.

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  • P41321
  • P41320L
  • Product description

    To measure the hardness of the rolls.

    2 models are availables:


    • Original Schmidt (P 41320L):

    The measuring instrument must be pressed against the roll. The built -in spring increases in tension until it reaches the maximum tension. At this point, the spring sends an impact. The level of the rebound is related to the hardness of the material being measured . This force can be read on a scale. When measurements are made every 5 to 10 cm over the entire roll, you can obtain the ST hardness profile of that roll.


    • Paper Schmidt (P 41320LR):

    The first integrated rebound hammer designed specifically for the testing of roll profiles
    – Accurate profiling with unmatched sensitivity and repeatability
    – Data export and analysis
    – Intuitive operator interface

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