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Mini heat sealer HSM-4

Device to determine the heat sealability.

  • HSM-4
  • Product description

    The satisfactory development, manufacture, conversion and application of flexible packaging films necessitates the implementation of precise methods of quality control systems. The HSM-4 was developed to precisely control the parameters essential in determining the heat seal threshold. Especially suited for flexible packaging materials, laminates, foils and paper, the HSM-4 features accurate control of temperature, pressure and dwell time of a standard surface area sealing jaw. With the introduction of a standard test method ASTM F2029 and our heat sealer HSM-4, you can be confident that your heat seal threshold measurement is common to all producers, converters and end users of flexible packaging materials and their eventual applications.


    The HSM-4 also features a unique method of quick change over jaws, the machine employs a slide-on jaw arrangement. The machines comes with dovetailed blank heater blocks, in single or dual option, where standard flat ground surface slide-on jaw is supplied. When profiled crimp sealing surface is needed, mating dovetailed slide-on jaw are replaced very easily.

    Technical specifications

    General data
    • Temperature Control: 0 - 300ºC (0 - 572ºF) 0.1ºC resolution +/- 0.5% +/- 1 digit accuracy. Operating temperature accuracy +/- 2ºC. Resistance Type ‘J’ thermocouple sensing. Single independent or dual independent control
    • Pressure: 0 – 100psi (0 – 6.8 bar, 0 – 689 Kpa) via dial pressure gauge. Pressure control through precision regulator. Repeatability +/-5.0 PSI Operation accuracy +/- 10% Supply via factory compressed air line or nitrogen or compressed air bottles min 6 bar (90 psi) max. 7 bar(100 psi). Pressure medium must be clean and dry.
    • Dwell Time: 0.1 – 99.9 sec. 0.1 sec resolution real time base via quartz crystal +/- 0.5% of range. Operating accuracy +/- 10% (taking into account friction in piston movement).
    • Footswitch: Connection port for footswitch operation. Optional footswitch.
    • Sealing Jaw Std: Single jaw option: Top heated with silicone rubber (60 shore hardness) 5mm – 25mm wide x 50mm long. Jaws made from aluminium with machine ground flat face. Dual jaw option: Top and Lower heated 5mm - 25mm wide x 50mm long. Jaws made from aluminium with machine ground flat face.
    • Environment: 5-50C ambient operating temperature, RH 75% max (non-condensing)
    • Power: 240V AC 50/60 Hz (110V AC voltage available on request)
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