Packaging : Cardboard is replacing plastic ? - Noviprofibre

The influence of ecological measures


Since a few years now, and across the world, the decision-makers are facing the facts : terrestrial and aquatic pollution is partly linked to the predominance of plastic packaging in our everyday life. Plastic bags, packaging, disposable tableware, containers… The list of plastic based items used frequently is long !


However, everyone is now facing and aware of the environmental damages caused by plastics. Numerous governments, such as the French government for example, are more and more decreeing than the use of plastic should be abolish as much as possible. For example, from now to 2020, French government required that all the plastic disposable tableware will no longer be commercialized. This norm will force the industries and shops to find less polluting alternatives.


Actually, it is often the use of paper and cardboard is favored. Indeed, for the same financial amount, businesses can afford less polluting packaging.


Cardboard packaging remains the best alternative for plastic packaging, and it’s also true for the upcoming years. Thus, it galvanizes the paper industry. Cardboard packagings are much less harmful for the environment than plastic ones, which is why; it certainly is the successor for many uses of plastic based item.


The businesses investment


Many businesses, such as wholesale trade, are now positioning themselves as the leader of this transition from plastic to cardboard. Indeed, many agri-food wholesalers, main suppliers of the shopping brands, are now redesigning their packaging from plastic, glass, or aluminum to cardboard. They are anticipating the upcoming norms about plastic restriction.


For example, some glass containers (oils, juice, milk), are now switched by cardboard containers. Same for polystyrene containers, can boxes, or other plastic containers which can be now made with less polluting materials such as cardboard.


Thus, the application of those ecological measures has a real impact on the increase of paper and cardboard made items, which are less noxious for the environment and can be easily recycled.