Noviprofibre presents its latest device: TAA - Noviprofibre

Noviprofibre presents its latest device: TAA

By Léa Chauvelon | 13/09/2022

The Tissue Absorption Apparatus (TAA), designed and created by Noviprofibre, allows to measure automatically the absorption time and water absorption capacity of tissue.

Within the framework of the ISO 12625-8 standard, the Centre Technique du Papier (CTP) carried out a study to compare the results between manual and automatic TAA measurement.


The TAA is currently the only device on the market that meets the following two criteria, which are essential for compliance with the standard:

  • The basket must be dropped horizontally from a height of (25 ± 5) mm above the water surface.
  • The basket must be free to fall so that its weight of (3 ± 0.1) g, which is very strictly controlled for compliance with the standard, is not modified by contact.



The conclusion of this report indicates and demonstrates a very good correlation between the manual measurement and the automatic measurement performed with the device. Thus the TAA meets the ISO 12625-8 standard, both in terms of correlation and measurement conditions.


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