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Is your device calibrated?

By Léa Chauvelon | 06/09/2023

Is your equipment still measuring correctly? Are they calibrated and validated by an expert?


The paper industry is a crucial sector of the world economy, supplying essential products such as single-use paper (tissue), packaging, board, etc. To guarantee and control product quality, it is essential to use precise measuring equipment. However, the accuracy of these devices can deteriorate over time due to wear, drift and other factors. This is where calibration is essential.


Calibration is the process of comparing the measurements of a device with those of a reference standard, in order to determine and correct any drift or inaccuracy. This ensures the accuracy and validity of the measurements made by the equipment, and thus ensures quality control.


To meet the paper industry’s stringent standards, it is essential to ensure that the measuring equipment used is accurate. In papermaking, for example, accurate measurements of paper thickness, density and moisture content are necessary to ensure compliance with standards. Incorrect measurements could lead to manufacturing defects, reduced quality of the final product and additional costs for the mills.


Regular calibration of equipment helps to maintain measurement accuracy over time. This ensures that the measurements taken are reliable and comply with our industry’s quality standards.


At Noviprofibre, we offer a complete service that involves not only calibration, but also a verification report to validate whether or not the equipment is compliant.

Here are the 3 steps that our technicians carry out on the equipment:

  • calibration
  • adjustment, if possible
  • and validation.

According to ISO, it is recommended that you calibrate your equipment once a year.

After each purchase from us, we propose you a maintenance contract giving you access to this service by our technicians.

Annual calibration of your equipment by one of our technicians will enable your plant to deliver consistent quality and ensure production.