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Demonstration and second-hand devices

By Léa Chauvelon | 19/06/2019

At Noviprofibre, we are constantly researching to improve the technical nature of our products. Indeed, developing new software, tools, or devices, is the base of our work. We are investing a lot in our research and development programs in order to provide the best quality, autonomy, and performing devices, which respond to our customers’ inquiries.


However, we are also very attached to the durability and reliability of our products. That’s why are conceiving them the most performing on the longest amount of time possible. Moreover, we are investing a lot in the refurbishment and fixing of our devices. Indeed, we fix and refurbish second-hand devices, because they have been built to last many years more. No waste at Noviprofibre, nothing is lost, everything is transformed !


If you wish to get information about our second-hand product list, do not hesitate to contact us directly ! We will be more than glad to help you find the device you need ?