Beautiful novelties at Noviprofibre… - Noviprofibre

If you have arrived on this article, it is because you have already noticed our first big novelty. A website completely redesigned and adapted to your needs. Enjoy this new experience, do not hesitate to visit the different tabs. You will find all the information about our products and services, as well as the news of Noviprofibre, and will be able to make your requests directly from the sections concerned (estimate, maintenance, catalog …).


Summer has been very productive at Noviprofibre!


You will also notice a visual change. We are therefore very proud to present to you our new face:

This new logo confirms the interweaving of our expertise in the paper industry: the purchase and sale of certification equipment and the services associated with this equipment. In addition, this synergy strengthens relationships with our customers, PTA Group and our partners.


Also, we have updated our product catalog. Discover all this in the product tab to see all our references and product sheets. This catalog will soon be downloadable in PDF format … stay tuned!


And to finish with all these novelties, a quarterly newsletter is set up. In this way, stay informed of Noviprofibre’s latest products and services news, our news, and much more! You can subscribe in a few clicks thanks to this link.

We welcome you to our website, your space dedicated to paper, and a beautiful year 2018/2019!