ATIP show: discover the latest Noviprofibre innovation - Noviprofibre

Major event in the French paper industry, the 71st ATIP (Technical Association of Papermaking Industry) Congress will be held in Grenoble, our historic territory, on 20 and 21 November 2018. And as every year since the first edition, Noviprofibre will participate to this new edition.


This congress is an opportunity to meet industry players, from suppliers to users through the producers, to discuss with them on various topics, during the 4th meetings of the paper industry in particular, but also to develop strong business relationships.


This year is also very special with our first participation in the Palmes de l’Innovation. As part of a drive for progress and continuous innovation in the paper market, this competition rewards new paper technologies and means to conduct the process.


Noviprofibre will present its new device for measuring the water-absorption time and water-absorption capacity of Tissue, TAA N 6700. It allows:

  • Measure the dry weight of the paper
  • Measure the immersion and dewatering times
  • Measure the wet weight of the paper
  • Calculate the weight of water / weight of paper ratio in g
  • Measure the temperature of the water


This device is now completely finished: patented in October 2017, it is also the only device complying with the ISO Standard 12625-8 of March 2011. It gives results equivalent or superior to the manual method, especially in terms of mean values and standard deviations.



The TAA N 6700 is currently the only one on the market that gives such results, so do not hesitate to visit our booth at the next ATIP congress to discover it!