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A presence in the Middle East

By Léa Chauvelon | 20/03/2023


Every year, our Co-CEO Damien travels around the world to visit our agents and inform them of the news. Last week, Damien travelled to Egypt to meet the SGA team. It was also an opportunity to show them our new product catalogues.


SGA is a company that provides services and support to various industrial sectors such as pulp and paper, cement, metals, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries in the Middle East region and in collaboration with a number of European and international companies.

Since the 2000s, SGA has had a team specialising in the pulp and paper industry.


For all commercial matters in the Middle East, SGA can provide answers to your needs and advise you.


Do not hesitate to contact them directly on the website: https://sga-me.com/