Turkish market - Noviprofibre



The Turkish market has positioned itself as an inescapable actor in the European economy. Even though it has encountered difficulties linked to the unfavorable economic environment in 2016, Turkey is now defending its economic power in Europe.

Despite an uncertain growth and the high level of inflation, Turkey remains an attractive country for business in Europe, and worldwide. It is even more true when we observe the Turkish industrial field which is in constant growth for years now. Indeed, the industrial field is not just attractive for foreign investment, but also fort exportation of industrial equipment.


At Noviprofibre’s scale


Turkish market is indeed, an attractive area for investment in Noviprofibre’s industrial segment and field. At Noviprofibre, we decided that it was completely logical to be part of the activity and growth of such a dynamic market in the paper industry. We have decided to set up Noviprofibre on the Turkish market in 2012 through the company Kappa.

In 2014, Noviprofibre has got an order for 4 full laboratories, from the tissue manufacturer, Hayat. Following this, new orders started to come in, at Modern Karton, Tezol Kagit, Essel Kagit, Simka, Eczacibasi Tuketim, and more recently, Varaka.


The Turkish market is in constant evolution, numerous investment have been made the past few years. Thanks to our service quality, Noviprofibre has obtained a lot of new maintenance contracts in Turkey (Hayat, Modern Karton, Essel, Tezol), which allow us to follow up our customers’ needs closely.

The futur growth of the Turkish market is encouraging according to the forecasts. Investment should be higher and regular, which will enhance the machinery production. As an example, during the past 6 years, 5 tissues machine have been built.