The paper pulp price’s increase - Noviprofibre

The rise of paper products’ uses


It is logical to think that the recent ecological measures decreed over recycling, and the wish of reduce the waste of any kind would have reduced the domain of uses of paper materials. Indeed, we could have thought that the effects of digitalization would have lower the common paper uses, and would be destructive on the paper industry.


The reality is different. What could have caused the cut of paper uses, and so the price of the paper pulp within, has on the contrary stimulated its rise.


The ecological measures on recycling are actually more focused on plastic based waste, a lot more polluting for its production and destruction. In the end, the common uses of plastics based products have decreased in order to be substitute by paper based options, less harmful for the environment. As an example, plastic bags are now more and more prohibited within the shopping center; they are now often replaced by cardboard bags.


Paper pulp’s based materials and uses are now even more diversified, thus, it has a real effect on the rise of the paper pulp’s price.


The Chinese influence


There is another lever which has a real influence on the rise of the paper pulp’s price, and it is due to the Chinese influence. Indeed, the increase of the paper pulp’s prince is impacted by the rising demand of China. China has become, for more than a decade, the biggest paper consumer on the planet.


Those needs in paper pulp are so important, that they have massively participated to the paper pulp’s inflation. The main part of its demand is compensated by the foreign offer. Those importations have a real effect on global paper industry dynamism.


Regarding the price of the raw material used for the production of paper pulp, those too are constantly increasing at the moment, which intensify the rise of the paper pulp. The prices cuts for the paper pulp are not for today !