Partnership PTS x Noviprofibre - Noviprofibre

Partnership PTS x Noviprofibre

By Léa Chauvelon | 09/07/2024

Our Tissue Absorption Apparatus validated by CEPI


Absorbency is a key quality of tissue products. Whether hygiene articles, medical products or household wipes, it is important for the consumer to know how quickly and how much liquid the material can absorb. This is where the Tissue Absorption Tester from Noviprofibre comes into play – a testing device that evaluates the absorption capacity of tissue products in a precise and reliable manner.



The Tissue Absorption Tester (TAA for short) is an innovative device specifically designed to measure the water absorption capacity of tissue products. The Research Foundation of the Paper Industry, formerly Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS), acquired the TAA from Noviprofibre within the scope of the Inno-Kom Market Oriented Research (IK MF) “absorbent pad” project in 2018 and uses it as a state-of-the-art measuring device in research & development, quality control and Cepi Comparative Testing.



Water absorption is determined using the basket immersion method in accordance with ISO 12625-8. The measuring principle is to place the sample in a container filled with water for free immersion based on its dead weight and measure a change in weight over time with the integrated balance. Then, the water absorption capacity in g/g and water absorption time in seconds are determined. The automation features and the predefined design help avoid errors such as an inaccurate starting position or drop height of the basket, or an imprecise dripping angle as known from the conventional manual “water bath stopwatch method”.


In-lab comparative measurements between the conventional and automated methods showed excellent correlations. A particularly strong advantage over competitive products is the standard-compliant free fall of the sample basket. The lower measuring limit is 500 ms. The tester can run a wide range of tissue products, including tissue paper, medical dressings, kitchen rolls, napkins and more. The intuitive user interface makes TAA easy to use and requires minimal training. You get reliable results within a few minutes. The embedded software helps analyse the test results, identify trends and create reports.



As a research institute and service provider, we use the TAA for the assessment of a wide range of tissue products and participate successfully in the Cepi Comparative Testing scheme.



Precise measurements in conjunction with user-friendly software enable us to make subjective absorbency assessments, reduce objective errors and improve both the quality and the repeatability of measurement results. If quotes for testing are requested, do not hesitate to contact our team at


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