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Paper and Technology

By Léa Chauvelon | 18/04/2019

How do we use it ?


It is true to admit that the uses of paper have evaluated over the time. Indeed, even if today, for multiple ecological reasons a lot of paper substitutes have appeared again, they have been replaced for a long time by plastic materials.

Thus, how we have changed the way we use the most traditional paper uses ?


Paper was mainly invented to be a conveyor of information, a support for it. Magazines, displays, books, journals and many others are not as much as popular as they used to be now that the smartphones, tablets or ebooks exist. The access for information is now digitalized and immediate, and overcome the old ordinary supports.



How will we use it ?


However, many industrials or startups are ingeniously inventing many ways to redefine the uses of paper is this digital evolution. The solution ? Make paper a technological tool !


Connected paper, for example, has for purpose to provide different day to day interactive uses with paper. It is now possible to manage the lighting, the fire alarms directly through your wall paper, use a paper keyboard for your computer, or buy lighting packaging (such as present packaging).


Another use, other technology, with packaging again. Paper has several inconvenient in terms of uses: it is not waterproof, and it can be torn easily. That is why a society has developed a paper in which you can wrap any aliments, solid or liquid ! A waterproof and flexible paper, now, it exists !


There is also another use around paper which begins to being tested: interactive paper. Make the use of paper more practical and fun whether it is a book, a magazine or a packaging. Thanks to printed circuit board and NFC devices inserted directly into the paper during its manufacturing, it is not possible to click on links in books to open an internet page related to the book, or move you smartphone near a packaging in order to find out the ingredients of a product.

Those technologies are real and are at the beginning of larger technological inventions within the paper industry. Make the use of paper more practical, more usable, and more fun, this is the challenge !