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Service at the heart of our business

At Noviprofibre we like to be close to our customers.


We offer a wide range of services allowing our customers to be accompanied in their choices and their problems.


A sales team answers you and directs you to the best solution.

Our repair service

More than 90% of the devices we support for repairs are returned to our customers in good working order and comply with the ISO.


We are able to solve a large number of breakdowns because of the diversity of our skills. We have in our team of metrologists, electronics and precision fitters who will do everything possible to solve the possible failures of your devices.


On a large panel of old devices we can offer retrofits. We are changing old electronics with modern components to give a second life to the old devices.

Our remote software maintenance service

We offer our customers to support them in the use of our software, we adapt our software to measure, we correct the bugs and we propose new versions each year.


We intervene remotely, which allows us a strong reactivity. Every customer who uses this service has a single contact who knows his environment and his specific issues.


We offer contracts tailored to your needs. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice

Our measurement assistance service

We offer to assist you in taking control of your devices, or if you have questions about the measures you perform.

We offer different types of help:
  • Telephone help or experts can help you
  • On-site help, where we come to accompany you on your issues
  • Training adapted to the needs of your teams

Our training service

We offer different training that are intended to familiarize you with the measurement in general either at the time of sale of a device or at another time if the need arises.

  • on the understanding of physico-chemistry phenomena involved in the manufacture of paper
  • on colorimetry
Need a maintenance on this product ?
Do not hesitate to ask for an interview


International presence

We have a network of agents and partners covering the entire world. This network allows us to be in contact with our customers and to best meet their needs

We work directly with customers for maintenance, calibration and repairs in Europe and Africa.

Our partners support all commercial requests in their respective countries.

PTA Russia
PTA Asia

Our customers

Customer satisfaction

We recently lost our only user of the Noviprobibre test bench bought 3 years ago.

With the arrival of our new quality manager, we needed to put back our test bench and reorganize our quality processes.


Noviprofibre has agreed to (re) train us, which has allowed us to quickly set foot in the stirrup of our quality processes. They also agreed to upgrade the Novilog application to meet a new need for Eurobright.


Responsive and friendly the team is attentive to our needs. It is for Eurobrillance a trusted partner.

Jean-Claude JESSUS


Je suis Boubacar Sow de la Rochette Dakar, suis le responsable de tous les équipements de mesure de la Rochette Dakar. Depuis que nous avons commencé à travailler avec Noviprofibre , nous n’éprouvons aucun regret de par les équipements que nous avons achetés chez eux et de par leur équipe accueillante , respectueuse … et avec leur logiciel facile à utiliser.


Depuis le premier équipement(SCT) qui nous avait satisfait , tous les équipements de mesure(sauf s’ils n’en disposent pas) que nous avons dans notre labo viennent de Noviprofibre. Nous remercions toute cette équipe particulièrement à notre contact Monsieur Alexandre.

Boubacar Sow

Responsable qualité

Nous trouvons que le SAV est réactif et efficace.

La prise en main à distance du PC est un plus.

Charlène Chevet-Millon

Technicienne de laboratoire

Très satisfait du service client. Très professionnel et partenaire de premier choix à tout niveau même pour nos attentes quelques fois un peu particulières. Toujours très réactif et à l’écoute. Je recommande sans détour.

Stéphane Dufreney

Technicien Grenoble INP-PAGORA