Noviprofibre is worldwide !


Noviprofibre isn’t scared of the distance, and does not forget its international customers ! Those ones benefit just as every other customer from the maintenance, and personalized support services.


We can intervene easily and closely to our customers’ needs thanks to our international agents, worldwide. We also organize many weeks abroad, in order to meet personally our customers. During those visits, we are making sure our devices and services meet all our customers’ requests, and we are also assuring they use the devices efficiently.


This intervention in our customers’ premises allow us to deliver our know-how and advice them on the good uses of the devices. It definitely helps the devices to comply the norms on a longer period of time, thus, it eases the exportation across the European countries.


That is why, we are offering all our customers to benefit from a personal training to the devices within their premises, for every device they purchased.


Noviprofibreis really proud to provide whole customer oriented service, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any requests !