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At Noviprofibre, we hold our values high

At Noviprofibre we value our working atmosphere. Listening, kindness, determination and quality are our daily life.


We like to share our values with our customers to create a relaxed atmosphere and support based on trust.

Our history

The Profibre company was founded in 1947 in Grenoble, in Isère. Initially, Profibre specializes in the sale of chemicals. Profibre merges with Novipro to become Noviprofibre.


January 1, 1990 Jean-Pierre Livran takes over Noviprofibre and develops the sale of equipment and maintenance contracts in France. New partnerships are concluded at this time.

In the 2000s Damien and Julien Livran join the company which becomes a family company.


Damien Livran develops the export sales network and takes over the commercial management of the company.


Julien Livran creates the R&D branch of Noviprofibre with the creation of software for quality control.

  • 1

    1947 - Creation of Profibre

    Creation of Profibre in Grenoble, which will become Noviprofibre.
  • 2

    1990 - Purchase of Noviprofibre

    Jean-Pierre Livran buys Noviprofibre and becomes the new CEO.
  • 3

    1991 - Creation of customer contracts

    Noviprofibre is the first company to offer maintenance contracts for the calibration of laboratory equipment in the paper industry.
  • 4

    2003 - Noviprofibre certified ISO 9001 version 2000

    First ISO certification of Noviprofibre.
  • 5

    2008 - Creation of the R& Dbranch

    Noviprofibre develops new devices with high technological value such as TAA.

  • 6

    2012 - Creation of the first software

    Creation of the IT branch aimed at developing software for paper quality control.

  • 7

    2018 - Noviprofibre becomes ISO 9001 version 2015

Julien Livran

Co-CEO in charge of Research and Development

« A note from Julien »

Noviprofibre is above all a human adventure. We are a family business and we want to transmit our knowledge to the greatest number. With our experience in many areas, we want to approach the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and humanity.
In the digital age and the internet, we want to keep the link with each of our customers by proximity and listening.

Damien Livran

Co-CEO in charge of Sales Management

« A note from Damien »

Noviprofibre is a company that has been with you since 1947. We have always wanted to support our customers in their daily needs. As a result, we have spent the last years investing in research to offer you new, innovative solutions to participate in the evolution of each one.
We have also developed our service maintenance, always with this desire to serve you to accompany Nous avons aussi développé notre servie maintenance, toujours avec cette volonté de vous servir de vous accompagner. Nous avons toujours souhaité être pour vous, un partenaire présent et à l’écoute de vos besoins

we bring up our values

Who are we


Whatever your request, we listen to your need to find the best solution.

Kindness at work

We try to better adapt the operation of our company to the well being of each employee.


We always try to solve your problems, even if we have to commit all our resources


All the products we manufacture are in France at Noviprofibre and with trust partners.

Alexandre Khann

Sales Manager for France

Michèle Damien

Admin & Account Manager

Léa Chauvelon

Marketing Manager

Emmanuel Caquant

Maintenance Manager

Sylvain Charpon

Technician for France & Italy

The PTA Group

The PTA group enjoys an excellent reputation around the world. Our ambition is to obtain the greatest satisfaction of our customers. As a result, our philosophy is to provide equipment that meets international standards such as ISO, NF, TAPPI, PAPTAC and others.