Laboratory software

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PTA Group opens in 2012 a new service aiming at developing 

Computer applications for the laboratory.

Our goal is to meet different needs of our customers


Setting in conformity of the measures in accordance with ISO: The use of the software allows doing more measurements without investing in new devices and no additional labor

Security and traceability of the measurements according to ISO: Measurements are recorded automatically, it is impossible to falsify. They are automatically stored with a backup system which allows finding all measurements made with the software.

Protection of the Software by a classification of four access levels to ensure the integrity of the software. With this option the traceability of the data on different users of Novilog is guaranteed. 



Synthesis of the test


Management Profiles


Management of the rights






























Centralization of data according to the ISO: It is thus possible to recover measurements for a long time and to be able to do different calculations corresponding to a customer complaint. This is possible because these are not the calculation results or statistics that are stored but each measure individually. This allows for being able to, at any time, complete the measurements and repeat the calculations and statistics



Production Control: Thanks to the software interface, the results of measurements can be displayed in real time on the computer of the control station of the paper machine. This option requires that we can access the network from the factory with the help of the customer computer specialists.





Calculations and statistics: 

All calculations can be made possible, it is the user who chooses from a list, to do the calculations he wants. Several days later, even several months after, he can always make new calculations if desired on the old measurements. . The calculations are done automatically in real time during the measurements.





Export: You can export all the results in many formats and edit comprehensive reports. You can customize reports by adding the customer's logo and a lot of other options







Connection of equipements :You can connect all the devices that we distribute and all competitive devices if they are equipped with an RS232 output. For devices competitor we requires that the customer can provide us with the connection protocol.

Whenever possible, depending of the device itself, the software can control the device remotely and make all the settings. Thus the user is sure to make these measurements according to ISO.

Connection of old equipment: We are moving forward our project to connect old machines that do not have RS232 output. This will be possible inFrance at first because the installation must be tested for a while.

Realization of measuring cycles: for some devices, such as large Box Compression Tester, it is possible to perform measurement cycles specific to each of our clients. It is possible that this is an estimate





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