Spectrophotometer with software Novicolor

Ref : N5900

For determination of ISO brightness (whitness), color, color differences,


Application Standards 

ISO 2469, 2470, 2471, 3688, 11475, 11476 / TAPPI T519, T525, T527 /DIN 53145bis, 53147, 54500

Fluorescence and opacity of paper
NOVICOLOR a modern, easy to use and feature rich Color-QC application for paper and
Packaging industries and automotive supply chain members. It enables customers to
analyze, report, communicate and visualize accurate color QC results. It incorporates the
Indices, Tolerance Methods, Graphs and Light sources D65, C, UV ex .
Compatible with the following system software’s: Windows 7 / 8
Control and calibration of the device: Light source filtered

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