PTA Group


PTA Group has an outstanding reputation as a specialized producer and supplier of Pulp, Paper and Board Testing Instruments worldwide.

Our ambition is to provide the highest customer satisfaction. Therefore the focus of our business philosophy is supplying equipments which fulfils International Test Standards such as ISO, TAPPI, PAPTAC,... and meet the highest requirements of first-class quality.

To guarantee the safety of the users, all the equipments supplied are designed and built according to the European Union (EU) machinery standards and carry the CE Mark.

Our principles are to adopt the latest measurement technology and improve continuously the quality of our instruments.

PTA Group is pleased to offer you the new catalogue as a representation of the products we offer. In addition to the products listed in the catalogue, we offer several additional instruments, accessories, and options to meet your requirements.

Since our product range is constantly updated, specifications and descriptions may change.

The PTA Group was established in 2001 and consists of :






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